Brian Jeroloman

I knew back when I was playing with Stephen Barton, at the University of Florida, that his knowledge for the game of baseball was above and beyond that of the most elite athletes and coaches.
As a professional baseball player, off-seasons are crucial. In my offseason, there is only one person I want to work with and that is Stephen Barton. I’m lucky to be able to work with Stephen as he helps improve every aspect of my game!

Bob and Laura Krupp

About 5 years ago a young man approached my son Kevin and I working out at Green Tree Park in Gainesville, Florida. He introduced himself as Stephen Barton, former Gator baseball player, and said he was interested in starting a baseball academy in the area. I told him I thought that would be a great idea and we chatted briefly. Less than a year later, after realizing I could no longer coach or guide my son to his dream of playing college baseball, I took him to Stephen Barton’s Gatorball Baseball Academy’s inaugural travel ball team try outs. My son made that team and continues to play for Gatorball. Recently he verbally committed to North Georgia College and State University. I can say without a doubt that Stephen and his staff at Gatorball Baseball Academy were very instrumental in making that happen.

My son’s Gatorball experience made him a better ball player fundamentally and gave him the insight to build a complete baseball resume and instilled the work ethic he needed to attract attention and create opportunities. From Kevin’s first day at Gatorball Academy to now, he has improved his baseball skills tremendously. Also, Stephen’s academy stresses the importance of good grades, training, nutrition and solid work habits. Having just experienced a college recruitment process, I can tell that each is very important in creating opportunities for your son. Tom Cantrell, the head coach of North Georgia, commented to my wife and I that my son and another Gatorball trained player immediately stood out because of the way they handled themselves at his showcase camp. I told him that much of the credit should go to Gatorball; Coach Cantrell stated he would like to shake that coach’s hand, fine praise from one baseball man to another. I cannot conclude a testimonial about Gatorball without mentioning the impact it has had on my wife and me, our family.

We recently asked ourselves if our son did not play college baseball would our Gatorball experience be worth the time and money. Without hesitation we said absolutely. We have met so many wonderful people and experienced such great fun. We have formed a bond with a core group of Gatorball parents that we consider them family and will always cherish the memories long after our kids have grown.

Finally, I want to emphasize that every dollar and every minute invested in Stephen Barton’s Gatorball Baseball Academy has had great value to our family, thank you Stephen.

Valerie Werning

We have been extremely pleased with the experience our children have had playing baseball in Gatorball program at Jonesville Park. The fields and staff are superior to any other in the area. Our children have played sports through the YMCA, Oak Hall Recreational League, Queen of Peace and Upwards (Westside Baptist), and they all pale in comparison to the well organized, personalized and positive sporting atmosphere that we enjoy through Gatorball. Our children have not only learned more about the actual sport of baseball, but they have also benefited from the example that the league sets forth regarding respect and good sportsmanship.

When we signed up for the Spring 2013 season, we did not have additional plans; however, once the spring season completed, my children were excited to hear that they had the opportunity to play a fall season (as well as having the amazing bonus of onsite private lessons, and holiday baseball camps).

When a program is well run, focused on building positive actions and reactions in children, and the facility is always maintained, clean and well kept, you can’t help but want to keep coming back to enjoy all they have to offer.

Todd Bryant

Gatorball has given our son a higher level of coaching and competition than our high school can offer. He enjoys being part of the Gatorball experience.

Todd Brooks

Personally I would like to thank Stephen for his hard work and dedication to the players and parents in our community. Stephen is doing the right things for the right reasons. I recently went through the college recruiting process with my son and it was very exciting. I put all my faith in Stephen and trusted everything he had to say. I felt very comfortable calling him and asking for his direction. Stephen was always honest with us and gave excellent advice.

Kelli D.

“Great training! Great coaches!”

Chip W.

“Great organization, my boys love the coaches and staff. Excellent skill building and learning environment.”

Jeff H.

“Awesome program for all ages and abilities. Really gives the kids an opportunity to learn the fundamentals as well as good sportsmanship and teamwork.”

Todd C.

“If your kid loves baseball and you want to invest and develop their skills, there isn’t a better place around that will get that done. Worth every $$$ you spend. It’s a long term investment that pays off.”