Gatorball DC Zoom Meeting Info Page

Below is this week’s schedule. These are set as recurring meetings. The links will remain the same from week to week. Note that Zoom is now requiring passwords for newly scheduled meetings. There is no password for today’s meetings.

Monday: 5:00PM workout
Password: 615899

Tuesday: 6:00PM Pitchers Workshop
Password: 924896

Wednesday: 6:00PM Hitting Class
Password: 363886

5:00PM Workout
Password: 615899

6:00PM Hitting Class
Password: 363886

Friday: 6:00PM Pitchers Workshop
Password: 924896

Saturday Team Meetings:
14U Blue 3:00PM (
14U White 4:00PM (
13U 5:00PM (

In an effort to support our Gatorball family during this crisis, we are asking families to pay $15 per workout to Coach Trey. This is a difficult situation for many households, including Coach Trey’s. We would like to ensure that we can keep him with us in a city with such high living costs. For clarification, this applies to the Monday and Thursday workouts as listed above. All players are invited to participate, regardless of their ability to pay. Coach Trey’s Venmo is @Willard-Polston and his PayPal is

Thank you!
Coach Silk